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Pilar (PF-15) intruded into the adjacent waters of China’s Huangyan Dao, illegally ▓seized Chinese fishermen and fishing boats operating there and treated the fishermen in a grossly inhumane manner, thus deliberately ca

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using the Huangyan Dao Incident. In response to the Philippines’ provocation, China immediately made multiple

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strong representations to Philippine officials in▓ Beijing and Manila to protest the Philippines’ violation of Chin

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s immediately wi▓thdraw all its vessels and personnel. The Chinese ▓government also promptly dispatched China Maritime Surveillance and China Fisheries Law Enforcement vessels to Huangyan Dao to protect China’s sovereignty and rescue the Chine▓se fishermen. In June 2012, after firm representations rep▓eatedly made by China, the Philippines withdrew relevant vessels and person▓nel from Huangyan Dao.114. The Philippines’ claim of sovereignty over China’s Huangyan Dao is completely baseless under in

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ternational law. The illegal claim that “Huangyan Dao is within the Phlippines’ 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone so it is Philippine territory” is a preposterous and deliberate distor▓tion of international law. By sending its naval vessel to intrude into Huangyan Dao’s adjacent waters, the Philippines grossly violated China’

  • ppine Congress pas▓sed Republic Act No. 9522. That ac
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hilippines and ▓issue d a statement, reiterating China&rsq uo;s sovereign ty over Huan gyan Dao, Nansha Qundao and the ad jacent waters, and declaring in expl icit terms that any territorial claim over them made b y any other countr y is illegal and void.▓113. On 10 Apr il 2012, the Philippin es’ naval vessel BRP Gregorio del 闽清县wap 禄劝彝族苗族自治县5G 长治市5G 鹰潭市5G 德安县5G 大余县wap 获嘉县wap 延庆县wap 孟村回族自治县wap 崇明县浦东新区wap 永福县5G 遵义县wap 自贡市5G 青冈县5G 临城县5G 喀喇沁旗wap 铁岭县wap 齐河县5G 偃师市5G 济宁市wap 新开最新单职业传奇私服 上线满级传奇私服 最新单职业传奇私服网 新开传奇私服网站新开网 刀塔传奇私服送v15 网通传奇私服3000ok 传奇私服看不到技能栏 新开网通传奇私服发布网 传奇私服发布网站中变 东北纯网通传奇私服